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Genuine Tape Stories
audio collage works 1981 - 83

A series of audio collages made on cassette recorders from fragments of television broadcasts. The works include I Need You, Big Nazi Dogs, Mountain Man, Pic-a-Dil, Let's Get a few Things Straight, 75 Million Dollars, some of which form the basis of later video works. The works were released on Genuine Tape Stores (Fringe Benefit Records compilation 1982, produced by John Gillies and Rik Rue), Shorts (Pedestrian Tapes compilation 1983, produced by Rik Rue), and NMA Tapes Melbourne.


Many of the tape works were used in performances by the band Slawterhaus 3 (aka Slaughterhouse 3, Slaughterhouse or Slaughterhouse Band): Jon Rose (violins, piano), Michael Sheridan aka Michael Tinney (bass, guitars) and John Gillies (drums, films, tapes). Gillies and Rose also presented Improvisations at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery in 1982.  Slawterhaus 3 released 'Ist Nicht Da' with guest Jim Denley (saxophones) on the FBR label, and tracks on a Jon Rose compilation on the Berlin label Dossier. All of those tracks were recorded in the studios of 2JJJ and 2MBS radio Sydney.






75 Million Dollars
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