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Parramatta Road Project
single channel video and sound installation, stereo sound 2011

Fiction mixes with documentary as the road becomes a theatre, with its own performers, dancers, and audience. The video projection shows events from the previous two years that occurred within 300 metres of the screen.  The work is viewed from inside or outside the gallery in the street, or glanced from the window of a moving vehicle on Parramatta Road. A miniature screen is placed at the back of the gallery showing the work Lost. Parramatta Road was the first road in the British colony and follows the path of the original  Eora track which was used for millennia.


Parramatta Road Project is part of a larger multi-screen installed work Road Movie which includes Road Movie (Part 1) 2008, Lost 2008 and The Park 2013.

'John Gillies: Parramatta Road Project', Articulate Project Space, Pa
rramatta Road, Sydney 2011


Sydney Underground Film Festival 2011

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