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9.25 min film, stereo sound, 2010


300 empty houses, lie stranded, floating above the ground on thin piers. They are typical Queensland houses: mining residences, army huts, migrant hostels, school rooms, farm houses and suburban homes. Modest, abandoned, lightly constructed; they offer little privacy. Faint sounds are heard through thin walls; nothing is private. They are always a work in progress, to be cut in half, removed, recycled and remade many times over. Even when placed in a living town, they always seem to be part of a transient camping ground laid out over the country.                             


Their door too is always open, it being a convention in these houses that nothing is seen or heard that is not meant to be. The convention soon becomes a habit.............A training in perception has as much to do with what is ignored and passed over as with what it observed. You see what you are meant to see. You hear when you are called. John Gillies artist

David Malouf, 12 Edmondstone Street


Audience Award, Sydney Underground Film Festival 2010

Exhibitions and Screenings

Wir geben Ihrer Zukunft win Zahause, Werkleitz Festival, Halle (Saale) 2017

Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest, Kassel 2011

Sydney Underground Film Festival 2010

Queensland Art, Pestorius Art Projects, Brisbane 2010

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