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3.20 min video, stereo sound, 2007

John Gillies’ exquisitely constructed black-and-white video Postscript (2007), is a three-minute cinematic meditation on Australian landscape that functions also – as its title suggests – as a postscript to Gillies’s notable 2006 piece Divide. Gillies’ work centers in its conceptual and formal architecture on the elaborate intersection that has existed between the cinema and video during the last forty-odd years.    John Conomos, Senses of Cinema, 2007


Postscript, John Gillies' video installation reminds us of our epistemological footprint, showing the discarded pages of a book floating, absorbing into nature.    Bonita Ely


performer: Lee Wilson

mise en scène, sound, music: John Gillies
animal wrangler: Claudia Blakebrough-Hall


Exhibitions and Screenings

Armory Gallery, Sydney 2011

Videobrasil Festival of Electronic Art,  São Paulo 2007

Sydney Film Festival 2007

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