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Witkacy in the Mirror

by Stella McDonald 2017

Love, Materialism and Metaphysics

Keith Gallasch interviews John Gillies 2016

John Gillies
by Andrew Frost 2012

A Road Movie by John Gillies

by Therese Davis 2008


by Rachel O’Reilly 2008

John Gillies: Video Works

review by Leon Marvell 2006

Of Beastly Beatitudes

review by Penny Webb 2006


by Fiona Trigg 2006

John Gillies makes Video

by Ruark Lewis 2006

Across Great Divides

interview by Keith Gallasch 2004

John Gillies

by Jane R Goodall 2004

Wizard of Vid

review by Dominique Angeloro 2004

Tall Ships/Tall Tales

by Linda Carolli 1998

The Performer and the Video Screen

by Ellen Pau, John Gillies and Eder Santos 1997

John Gillies and the Craft of Video

by Nicholas Zurbrugg 1994

John Gillies

interview by Nicholas Zurbrugg 1993

Pneumatic Video

by Frances Dyson 1988

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