Shiver Remix
made in collaboration with Tess de Quincey and De Quincey Co, 2005


VJ performance with music


multiple or single channel video loop, silent (dimensions and duration variable)

Shiver Remix  is a VJ mix for clubs and galleries (SESC Pompeia, São Paulo; Institute of Modern Art Brisbane; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney) that re-mixes the video collaboration created by John Gillies for De Quincey and Co's dance performance Shiver (Hyde Park, Sydney). It is an ongoing work whose form and duration changes from venue to venue. The work has also been adapted for one or more screens in gallery installation (Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney).



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performers:  De Quincey Co (Roger Hany, Kristina Harrison, Victoria Hunt, Feng Shan Xu, Koon Fei Wong)
live music mixes: various including Lawrence English and Nick Wishart

thanks to: Wade Marynowsky and Alex Davies


first performed: SESC Pompeia, São Paulo Brazil

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