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video, 1 min 44 sec, 2021


Everything is beautiful and in its right place.


While film music usually underlines, amplifies or even counterpoints intended affect, here it’s film illustrating to what end this music might be used, with moments of unsettling rapid cutting that presage the ending.   Keith Gallasch, Realtime



Video: John Gillies

Music: Andrée Greenwell

Violin: Anna Murakawa

Violoncello: Anneliese McGee-Collett

Sequencing, keyboard & electronics: Andrée Greenwell

Recording Engineer and mix: David Trumpmanis

Mastering: Hugo Race

John Gillies, Scala Galleries, Sydney 2023

Andrée Greenwell’s Cinéaste: reflections & refractions by Keith Gallasch 2021    


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