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The Music Tapes
duration: 90 min approx, 1982 -

The Music Tapes are a series of black and white videotapes used in live musical performances. Each tape is a single take of one performance on one instrument, with the camera focusing only on the hands of the musician. In performance the tapes are replayed alongside live musicians; the tapes and the musicians combining to produce the final piece of music.



John Gillie
s with Sherre DeLys, Jamie Fielding, Bill McDonald, Michael Sheridan

musical collaborators:
Sherre DeLys, Jamie Fielding, Bill McDonald, Jon Rose, Michael Sheridan

Venues include:
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
Artspace, Auckland
Australian International Video Festival, Performance Space, Sydney
Australian International Video Festival, Chauvel Cinema, Sydney
First Draft, Sydney
Tin Sheds, Sydney
Arthaus, Sydney
Evil Star, Sydney
Piccadilly Hotel (with SPK), Sydney
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Gun Turret, Darwin
The Forum, Melbourne

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