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The Music Tapes
duration: 90 min approx, 1982 - ongoing

The Music Tapes are a series of black and white videotapes used in live musical performances. Each tape is a single take of one performance on one instrument, with the camera focusing only on the hands of the musician. In performance the tapes are replayed alongside live musicians; the tapes and the musicians combining to produce the final piece of music. Venues included the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne; Artspace, Auckland; The Performance Space, Chauvel Cinema, First Draft, The Tin Sheds, Arthaus, Evil Star Hotel, Piccadilly Hotel, Sydney; Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, The Gun Turret, Darwin.



performers: John Gillies, Sherre de Lyse, Jamie Fielding, Bill McDonald, Michael Sheridan

musical collaborators: Sherre de Lyse, Jamie Fielding, Bill McDonald, Jon Rose, Michael Sheridan

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