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Road Movie (part 1)
9 min video, 4.1 or stereo sound, 2008

Road Movie (part 1) is part of the 4 channel video and sound installation, Road Movie. The installation Road Movie incorporates Road Movie (Part 1) 2008, Lost 2008, The Parramatta Road Project 2011 and The Park 2013. Each component can also be screened separately.

Thus the film engages in a kind of self-cancelling, a perverse annulment of its whole raison d'être, since it is a road movie about about the repudiation of the very thing essential to it, the car.

Adam Geczy, Art Monthly

Gillies' road movie is a meditation on the efficacy of individual resolve against looming end-of-world scenarios.                  Pedro de Almeida, Excavation 2012


The protagonist of Road Movie acts alone. But Road Movie also disrupts the internal logics of this popular cinematic genre. As the road opens up for the lone protagonist, as the constant loud noise and frenetic pace of the city is displaced by quietness and stillness, the narrative departs from the generic script and stages an unexpected and absurd dead‐end.

 Therese Davis, 'A Road Movie by John Gillies' in Video Logic, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2008


Road Movie (part 1) first installed in Video Logic, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
Curator: Russell Storer

performer: Matt Prest

music: Im Parramatta by Ralph Benatsky 1936

organ: Nigel Kellaway

construction: Willy Hall


Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Digging Deep: Excavation, The Armory Exhibition 2012, Adam Geczy, Art Monthly, October 2012
A Road Movie by John Gillies, Therese Davis 2008
Hey Dude, where did I bury my car?, Louise Schwartzkoff, Sydney Morning Herald 2008

Exhibitions and Screenings

Bushflicks, Worrowing, 2019

New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale 2014

Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery, Sydney 2014

Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Toowoomba 2014

Grafton Regional Gallery, Grafton 2014

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Bathurst 2014

Burrinja Cultural Centre, Upway 2014

Excavation: The Armory Exhibition,The Armory, Sydney 2012

Sydney Underground Film Festival 2009

Honey, I Rearranged the Image!, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami 2008

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 2008

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